Getting Caught Up in the Google SERP Updates

Google continues to change its algorithms and it appears that this time around it has affected Value Stock Guide appreciably. While the traffic is down, quite a few of the pages have moved further back in the search results, more disturbingly, the sign up page. This is quite surprising since we have always maintained strict adherence to ethical site development.

In fact, most of my link building efforts consist of contributing guest articles to related sites to build exposure. I consider this a good business practice and would do this even if Google did not exist. After all, a business needs to go where the audience is.

So What I am Doing to Recover?

This is a bit confusing since there is no communication from Google that indicates any action on their part to intentionally lower the rankings. So I have to assume that this is temporary and will recover over time as Google index stabilizes. Therefore, I am not really taking any drastic action. To be fair, there were some changes done to the landing page when I combined two different landing pages into 1. It was just getting quite unmanageable to maintain 2 different pages. Perhaps, this combining may have thrown Google for a loop and will take some time for the search engine to digest.

So for the most part, I am standing pat.

At the same time, I continue to expose my writing and business on other sites to get in front of new audience. As I said, Google or no Google, this is just a good business practice.

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