Shailesh Kumar

Hi, my name is Shailesh Kumar. I am a private investor and entrepreneur. In the past I was a Management Consultant with AT Kearney, where I advised Fortune 100 companies with their strategic business issues. Later, I led finance at a fast growing AT Kearney incubated start up shaking up an old-school manufacturing sector in Midwest. After working as a de-facto CFO for the start up company, I later quit to pursue entrepreneurship. I acquired and managed steel service centers in SE Michigan which I ran for two years. Part of the story of my steel business is well recounted in this New York Times article. Today I run a successful online investment advice service at Value Stock Guide.

Today, my main interests are two fold:

  1. Grow and build my current investment business so I can help other investors create the same level of success in their portfolios that I have been doing in mine own for many years
  2. Chronicle my business development and entrepreneurial journey at this site

This blog is my live account of an entrepreneur building a successful web based business from scratch. All victories and failures are shared and along the way many new insights and learnings are uncovered. Follow me on this journey if you are or have ever thought about starting a business.

Together we can accomplish great things!