Launched Cheekoo’s

Retail is ripe for disruption. We are ready to play.


These 3 months now have been surreal as the pandemic turns our normal way of life upside down.

In many ways, people are better off during this pandemic than they were during the flu pandemic a century ago. Healthcare is better, for sure. However, a quarantine and isolation today does not mean the same thing that it meant to our grand parents. We are still connected, and we can still conduct commerce that is so vital for our society’s survival and well being.

The means of commerce are changing though.

Ecommerce, fueled by ubiquitous internet access through fixed and mobile devices, and door to door shipping and delivery networks, is now replacing the brick and mortar shopping infrastructure.

There are already companies that are trying to be “Everything Store”. We feel there is a need to add curation to shopping.

Kinda like a personal shopper for you.

Cheekoo’s is our answer to this need. At Cheekoo’s we search and find great products that support and enhance your lifestyle. Our focus is to add value to your cupboard, or wardrobe, or bookshelf, or your toy chest, or your gear. Whatever it is that you are passionate about, we want to bring you the best products to help support and grow your passion.

The store is now open. Check it out at Cheekoo’s. Visit often and you will find new products added everyday. See you there.

Shailesh Kumar

I am an author, investor and entrepreneur. I have published several investment books and founded Value Stock Guide. I have been featured in NY Times, Forbes, CNBC and other places around the web. I grew up in India and attended the Indian Institute of Technology where I studied Electrical Engineering. Later I completed my MBA from University of Michigan Business School. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my beautiful wife and two great children. Our orange tabby cat rounds off our family. I love to read, write, run, hike, backpack, play, travel and help others be awesome.