The Making of a New Family Tradition

As the kids grow and the business chugs along, the life becomes hectic and it is easy to lose yourself in the humdrum monotony of the everyday grind.

The holidays come and go and they become just blurs in the rearview mirror.

What brings sanity and the family together are the family traditions we create, nurture and later adapt as things evolve.

This Thanksgiving, we had a swell of a time.

A Meatless Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Our older son is vegetarian and it has always been an exercise in creativity to make a Thanksgiving dinner that follows the traditional mould while also making sure everyone enjoys.

We have danced the dance of Tofurky in the past. Sometimes we pretended that seafood is not meat and counts as vegetarian. This of course does not fly anymore as the kids become older and have better idea of sentience. Plus, who wants the rush to the nearest Whole Foods and fight the yuppie crowd to get to the last remaining Tofurky kit!

This time we decided to make the whole dinner ourselves.

The cranberry sauce, the gravy, the roasted sweet potatoes candied to perfection, the Brussels sprouts drizzled with maple syrup and slow roasted to perfection, and finally, the newest sensation on the Thanksgiving circuit – my first attempt at a Stuffed Paneer Turkey – that we promptly named Turkneer©. Recipe is posted on Isabel’s blog.

Just look at this spread:

The Family that Eats Together…

The morning started like most other mornings. Since this was a school holiday, we were able to sleep in a little. AK, our younger son had to go to his Science Olympiad practice after which he had a pizza party. By the time I picked him up and brought him back home, we had completed our dinner prep. RK, our older son, helped out in the kitchen, scooping the innards out from a slab of Paneer, and generally being the helpful kid that he is.

The Cranberry sauce Isabel made in the morning and we had for breakfast with her wonderful crepes, were welcome back to our table as a part of the Thanksgiving ensemble.

The New Family Tradition

It is hard to call a new recipe a new tradition, but this has actually solved a recurring problem we have had at our Thanksgiving table in the past. Everyone loved it, and the food become a conduit for wholesome conversation and a quality family time together. Isn’t this what family traditions are all about?

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!

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