Using Stock Rover – It has Made My Research 5x Faster

Recently I had the opportunity to take Stock Rover for a spin. Stock Rover is a cloud based stock research platform that seems to have been designed to fit me exactly. I do very high volume stock research, after all there are 10,000 or so stocks to go through regularly, and this tool allows me to build screeners, create watchlists and portfolios and seamlessly move the stocks from one folder to other based on where I am in the research process.

It also allows me to make annotations, comments, color code, tag, etc. and then search based on these fields.

Frankly, I have not come across any research tool that is so well suited to a value investor’s workflow.

I did a comprehensive review of the Stock Rover application at Value Stock Guide. Go ahead and read and see for yourself how this inexpensive tool can literally transform your investing process for the better. I also want to make a hat tip to the Stock Rover team for adding Value Stock Guide to their press release.

Try Stock Rover here (2 week free trial included)

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Shailesh Kumar

I am an author, investor and entrepreneur. I have published several investment books and founded Value Stock Guide. I have been featured in NY Times, Forbes, CNBC and other places around the web. I grew up in India and attended the Indian Institute of Technology where I studied Electrical Engineering. Later I completed my MBA from University of Michigan Business School. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my beautiful wife and two great children. Our orange tabby cat rounds off our family. I love to read, write, run, hike, backpack, play, travel and help others be awesome.